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3 Major Differences Between Corporate Housing and Airbnb

Over the years, Airbnb has become a popular means for vacationers to find comfortable lodging. Unfortunately, it’s not rare for travelers and businesses alike to confuse the difference between corporate housing and Airbnb. As you’ll learn in the guide below, both are viable housing options, but for very different circumstances.

Professional Atmosphere

Most Airbnbs give renters a place to experience the local lifestyle, which means they won’t always be successfully optimized for work. Corporate housing should be a place where employers can send employees to live comfortably. If employees need to bring work home with them, they should have the resources available to do so. For example, our corporate housing often provides wireless internet access and board rooms for private meetings.

Although, you don’t want to feel like you’re temporarily living in an office when renting a corporate apartment. For this reason, good corporate housing provides stylish décor, beautiful views, and ample storage for personal items. Plus, as you’ll learn in the next point, the focus on professional atmosphere and resources doesn’t mean corporate housing lacks luxurious amenities. 

Service Differences

When it comes to the difference between corporate housing and Airbnb, one of the most obvious is the host. At Airbnb, the amenities available rely on the capabilities or reliability of the individual property owners. This varies greatly from corporate housing, which involves a large business’ influence in every luxury and living environment provided. If you look at our furnished corporate housing, you’ll see they can come with amenities including serene gardens, resort-style swimming pools, and more. At the end of the day, corporate housing is the perfect combination of work environment and living space.

Pricing Structure

Finally, these two housing options differ in the pricing department. When renting an Airbnb, you’ll have to pay a nightly fee, similar to a hotel room. Corporate housing, on the other hand, charges renters daily, monthly, even yearly. If you’re new to Airbnb, you might not be aware of the hidden charges that can accrue during your stay. Luckily, you’re far less likely to encounter such charges when staying in corporate housing. Aside from offering a longer-term housing option, corporate housing is more straightforward regarding the overall cost of a renter’s stay.

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