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5 Benefits of a Serviced Apartment This Valentine’s Day

The perfect lovers’ vacation or getaway has to be affordable and comfortable space to unwind. Nobody ever wants somewhere stuffy and tiny. We all want space, tranquility and privacy. And that is the reason why serviced apartments exist; to give you a break from traditional accommodation options.

Below are the benefits of a serviced apartment:

  • Spacious

Regular accommodation providers are smaller compared to a serviced apartment. A typical one bedroom service apartment is around twice the size of the average hotel room.

In case you are travelling with family or a group of friends, everyone gets to have their own space and privacy. Even on a solo getaway, you are guaranteed a comfortable stay in a spacious apartment with modern amenities.

  • Amenities

Serviced apartments offer a private and fully equipped kitchen to prepare special delicacies at your own time and pace. They also sport extra amenities like gyms, pools, concierge, restaurants or bars 

  • Cost effective

The rental price for serviced apartments is lower on average than that for a typical hotel. Saving money also comes in because there are no restaurant bills, bar tabs or room service charges.

Guests get to come with their own foodstuffs enabling them to save a lot of money eating in rather than eating out.

  • Privacy

Serviced apartments generally offer a greater degree of privacy and luxury. They allow you to bypass the formalities and in many cases you simply can let yourself in and make yourself at home!

A customized housekeeping service means your apartment can be kept clean but you can retain privacy without constant interruptions.

  • Flexibility

In a serviced apartment, you are in control of your time; you can eat whenever you want, whatever you want and you can have it any time you want. You can also come and go as you wish. Everything is per your schedule.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, most people are making plans for Valentine’s Day. Everybody seems to be looking forward to new adventures with their loved ones. Are you scouting for places to stay in this love season? Try a fully furnished luxury apartment this time round!

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