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5 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Easter

Easter is not just about one day where we celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection, but it is about remembering the entirety of his ministry and all the things he did leading up to that special day. It doesn’t have to be a mundane holiday where we eat the same food, dress up in special attire, and attend the same worship service. You can breathe new life into your Easter celebration this year by either taking one or two of these suggestions below:

Pay attention to the significance of the different days of Easter weekend

Easter is not one holiday. There is a Holy Week that leads up to the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Starting the Sunday before Easter, known as Palm Sunday, pause to reflect on the Biblical significance of such events. If your church holds special services on these days, attend if possible.

  • From Palm Sunday to Holy Tuesday, there are Biblical stories surrounding Christ entering Jerusalem and entering the temples there. On Holy Wednesday, Judas decided to betray Jesus and the story of his persecution begins.
  • Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper, which took place between Jesus and his disciples. Good Friday is the day of Jesus’s death on the cross.
  • Holy Saturday and Sunday, or Easter, are the last two days of the holy week. During these days, Christ’s resurrection is remembered and celebrated.

Make Service a Priority

The majority of Jesus’ ministry comprised of healing people, teaching his disciples, and meeting the needs of his community. He also dedicated part of his time to being alone and maintaining his relationship with God.

In society, however, we spend most of our time working to put food on our tables and a roof over our heads; we spend very little (if any) time in service to our local church body.

In what ways can we emulate Jesus’ ministry and serve in the local church, and other classes where we can teach and help others understand the Word? Are there people who need healing in the church?

Eat a Meal Together

People who celebrate Easter often have a special dinner after Sunday service. They make it a special holiday similar to Christmas or Thanksgiving. You don’t have to wait until Easter to have a meal together.

If you and your family have trouble eating together regularly, consider sitting down and eating a meal together. One of the last things he did just before he was turned over to be crucified was eat with and drink with his disciples.

He chose to give thanks at that moment and celebrate all God had done through him and what he would continue to do through his disciples. We can also create a special meal giving thanks for all the ways God has been with us up until Easter.

Go around the table and ask each person to state a few ways they want to give thanks to God. Expressing thanks to God is not limited merely to Thanksgiving or on Sundays.

By eating together and giving thanks, we emphasize our need for God to give us our daily bread, and we thank him for his glorious provision.

Plant Some Trees

Since Easter is all about resurrection and new life, what better way to celebrate new life than something coming from nothing than doing something to help your environment? Plant a new tree in your backyard and watch as it grows year after year.

Study its roots and notice how strong the roots need to be before the tree will grow. Take a lesson from nature and realize that nature is all in balance because God keeps it in perfect order.

If there is new life and resurrection all around us, we can be a part of that by planting a garden and planting some trees to beautify our neighborhood. In this way, we show respect for our environment and do something kind for our community.

To celebrate new life means we put aside the old ways of thinking and our flesh. This means acting in a way most people don’t see very often.

When we demonstrate the gifts of the spirit and allow ourselves a way to help our communities, we become better people, and our community is changed because of it.

Make it fun for the kids

  • Paint eggs
  • Arrange an Easter scavenger egg hunt
  • Bake themed pastries
  • Decorate the house with kids
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