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5 Reasons to Book a Serviced Apartment on Holiday Vacation

High hotel prices got you down? Maybe you hate having to book multiple hotel rooms for your family vacation. Or you just might not be able to find a centrally located hotel that fits you. Your first thought might be to check out Airbnb for locals renting out their apartment or home. Another option you might not know about is serviced apartments – an Airbnb alternative meets hotel that is the best option.

Serviced apartments give holiday apartment lovers everything they enjoy about the experience, while still operating as a professional business with additional amenities you’ll rarely get with an Airbnb.

Serviced apartments are holiday apartment meets hotel, combining the best of both worlds. Here are 5 reasons why you should book one this holiday season:

1. Serviced apartments give you more space

Sometimes you just need more space. Hotels can be a challenge for families. Quadruple rooms can definitely accommodate families of up to four, and they can work if your kids are younger and don’t mind sharing a bed. But if you’re a family of more than four or a family with teens, one room just won’t do.

Everyone appreciates a little privacy, and that privacy can be essential for taking the edge off when your family is thrown together 24/7.

Serviced apartments offer multiple bedrooms. With multiple bedrooms, kids’ bedtime doesn’t mean it’s also adult bedtime. And keeping kids on their bedtime schedule can help avoid tantrums and cranky kids from ruining the vacation.

2. Serviced apartments are cost effective

Hotels can be expensive, especially for a family or a small group traveling together.

It can feel like a waste of money booking more than one room. And the need to eat out 2-3 meals per day can add up quickly for a family on a budget.

Serviced apartments are not only fully furnished, but stocked with all the essentials like a stove top, oven, microwave, fridge and cooking utensils. With all the proper cookery and utensils, you can cook more like you would at home. A trip to the neighborhood grocery store can even be fun.

3. Serviced apartments are Airbnb meets hotel

In an Airbnb, most listings are individually owned and a lot of services we enjoy, or even need, just aren’t available. Owners want to know exactly what time you’ll arrive so that they can meet you to give you the keys. There’s no place to store luggage between that 11am checkout and your evening flight. And you might even be expected to clean up, take out the trash and even strip the beds before you leave.

Serviced apartments give you everything you love about a holiday apartment experience, but more.

Serviced apartments are called “serviced” because guests benefit from additional services. Services like daily or weekly housekeeping, linen changes, and reception and concierge services that can help with airport transfers and restaurant and activity bookings. Sometimes there’s also other guest perks like an onsite fitness center or VIP lounge for guests. In some serviced apartments, services like in-room spa treatments or in-room dining are even available.

4. Serviced apartments are more secure

One of the biggest concerns about Airbnb, especially when traveling solo, is safety. Those safety concerns are about a lot more than just location. With private individuals you simply can’t know for sure what you’re getting and Airbnb owners aren’t held to any codes or standards.

That’s why serviced apartments are an excellent Airbnb alternative.

We like to opt for serviced apartments with 24 hour reception. Receptionists are aware of guest comings and goings, and even more importantly, they’ll recognize those that don’t belong. Many luxury serviced apartments also have features like secure building entry and CCTV security systems in common areas like entries, stairwells and elevators. In-room safes are even a common feature.

5. Serviced apartments have more options when things go wrong

Things can even go wrong at hotels. You will definitely have to switch rooms because something isn’t working or end up on the floor where the next guest is a bit too rowdy.

But what do you do when things go wrong – or worse, aren’t at all as described – in your Airbnb? It’s rare that an Airbnb owner has multiple listings and that they can move you to another apartment when the need arises.

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