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5 Reasons why Serviced Apartments are Superior

Choosing accommodation for your business travel can be a stressful exercise. The lion’s share of hotels throughout the country offer little in terms of quality, comfort or space. In the hotel industry, every square-inch saved counts. More rooms means more custom and it’s ultimately you, the traveler, who suffers as a result. Time and again this leads to corporate travelers settling for unremarkable rooms in hotels with basic services charged at exorbitant rates. Here at Norfolk Towers.

Here’s a list of 5 reasons to put it beyond any doubt: a serviced apartment is the superior choice for your business travel.

Autonomous living

With a Norfolk Tower furnished apartment your accommodation is not just a bed and a dressing table, it’s a home-from-home. Come and go as you please, invite friends or colleagues over for a meeting or a drink, cook your own food and eat at the dinner table. Experience a trip free from unwanted intrusions by setting your housekeeping preferences in advance. Our serviced apartments offer on-site facilities in which to unwind after a day of socialising, networking and negotiating. A serviced apartment is a place where you settle in, not a place you settle for.

Big savings

Contrary to what you might think, more often than not serviced apartments work out costing you significantly less than a hotel room. This is especially noticeable over longer term stays. Eating out is a luxury that, unlike a serviced apartment, can really mount up financially over the course of a stay. All of our furnished apartments come with fully-fitted kitchens and we’ll point out the nearest supermarkets to your apartment. So instead of paying through the nose for room service, you can pick up some essentials and keep your wallet or purse intact.

Ideal for solo travelers and groups

Serviced apartments are the ultimate flexible living spaces. Whether you’re travelling alone, with a partner or the whole family, a serviced apartment covers all bases. Rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, a serviced apartment is specifically procured with business travelers’ needs in mind. This means separate spaces to work, relax and sleep. It’s the ability to make a quick snack between video calls or to quickly put your best shirt through the wash before tomorrow’s conference. It’s a place your children can stay in or visit without climbing the walls while you work.

Prime locations

A furnished apartment isn’t just an upgrade on the quality of your accommodation, it’s the convenience of being situated in your destination’s most exclusive spots. Whether that means being a stone’s throw from the conference center, or having the river, the high street or the local transport links on your doorstep. Perhaps it means being situated equidistant from all of the above, or removing yourself from the hustle and bustle completely in a peaceful apartment on the outskirts. Serviced apartments take all the hassle out of city living meaning you can focus on what really matters, your business success and enjoyment of the trip.

A helping hand

More often than not, booking and staying in a hotel is a wholly impersonal experience. With such a high turnover of clientele, most hotel staff will scarcely notice you, let alone provide assistance should you need it. With our serviced apartments, you have a direct line, 24 hours a day to our reception team. They’re on-hand whether you need to promptly request a parking space for a visitor, want to know the fastest way to get to your meeting or check which supermarkets are open late. A serviced apartment doesn’t just offer luxury accommodation, it’s the luxury of being able to focus entirely on your business success.

Whether you’re planning your business trip for yourself, a colleague or a client, a serviced apartment is the natural choice. Why not view our serviced apartments or give us a call to get your corporate travel off to a winning start >>

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