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6 Board Games to Play in an Apartment

Board games or bored of games? There are numerous great board games to play while staying in at home, but the question is, which one do you play first? We’ve created a top list of board games to play when you’re at home. Whether you’re with your family and friends, or you want to keep the kids busy for a while, this list will certainly give you some top choices to try at home.


Get ready for the game that will perhaps cause family arguments, especially if you land on Mayfair and there appears to be a hotel on the lot! As a game that is all about property and location, Monopoly can be played for any length of time and has even been known to last as long as 70 days straight! Be careful what you start, because once you pass GO, there’s no going back.


A game that is all about strategy and knowing your opponent better than you know yourself, chess is truly a test of skill. With a limitless amount of ways to win, the game comes down to who knows who best and whether you can win based on skill, or your opponent’s weakness. Leave you king bare to your opponent and the game is over, but be careful of the Queen, she has more moves up her sleeve than you may think.


As one of the most iconic and classic games in the world, UNO is a great option when having friends or family over for an evening. Known to cause arguments amongst friends, be careful as each card has a different trick up its sleeve! With plain cards to add your own rules to, the game can turn at any point. Be sure to shout Uno with one card left otherwise the win won’t count!

The Jumanji Classic Board Game

Can you hear that? It sounds like drumming… You’ve seen the films and now it’s time to play the game. But be warned, once you’ve entered into the game, there’s no going back until someone wins. Keep your eyes open for hunters, as he may be lurking around every corner.


Jenga is a quick game with small stackable blocks that create a tower. Players take turns removing one block at a time from the tower and placing at the top. In order to win, you must avoid toppling the blocks over. It’s a simple game to play but one that’s full of suspense, laughs and seemingly impossible challenges. 


Scrabble, the classic crossword game, challenges opponents to use their letters to form high-point words on the board. To load up on even more points, place letters on high-scoring premium squares. The key is to know the rules and a few tricks for gaining more points — and, of course, keep a dictionary on hand for disputed words. At the end of the game, the player with the highest score wins. 

A board game is a classic way to spend some quality time with friends or family. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, there is always time for a board game! Causing family rivalry or frenemies, board games can certainly bring out the best and worst in people… but they will always bring a smile to your face! 

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