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6 Must-Have Amenities in Corporate Accommodation

Booking accommodation for business travelers isn’t the easiest of tasks. Whether it’s a fleeting last-minute conference or a long-anticipated extended trip, there are lots to consider when searching for perfect employee housing. Not only does your chosen accommodation need to align with your travel policy, but it should meet the individual needs and preferences of your employees, too – all while being in a safe location.

With around one in 10 companies now having non-traditional lodging in their booking tools, the way employees travel and play has changed. Business travelers are giving up traditional hotel rooms in favuor of clean, private spaces where they can cook, work and relax, without living out of a suitcase. Corporate serviced accommodation is no longer a luxury; it’s an expectation in corporate travel.

But what else is expected in business accommodation? Here are six amenities to look for when booking employee housing:

Fast wi-fi

Today, free and fast Wi-Fi is an absolute must for business travelers. In the modern working world, employees expect to stay connected, whether it’s with colleagues, friends, or family. They may need to catch up on emails when they get back from meetings or prepare for a last-minute presentation.

After a long day of networking and meetings, employees may want some downtime. Whether streaming a show on Netflix or video-calling friends and family, a strong Wi-Fi connection is crucial. Other simple features like charging stations, wi-fi printing, wireless projectors, and device docking can instantly elevate a workspace.

Comfortable workspace

Business travelers are looking for a home away from home, but they also need an office away from the office. As remote and flexible working models continue to become the norm, it’s more important than ever to provide employees with the tools they need to work from anywhere. Plus, no one wants to awkwardly balance a laptop on their lap while trying to finish an important presentation. 

A desk, comfortable chair, and generous supply of power plugs are crucial in corporate accommodation. Today, business travelers carry more than just laptops; from cell phones and tablets to virtual assistance technology and travel keyboards, there’s lots to plug in and power.

Seamless check-in and check-out options

Business travelers often arrive at their accommodation after a long day of travel. Understandably, the last thing they want is a lengthy or complicated check-in process, particularly if they’re tired or jet-lagged. Convenience and flexibility are key; it’s not uncommon for employees to arrive at an unusual hour or need to drop their bags off and head out to a meeting quickly.

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