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7 Key Benefits Of a Serviced Apartment

Modern travellers have diverse needs and preferences. Serviced apartments meet them by offering flexibility, comfort, and convenience while bridging the gap between hotels and apartments. 

Below are the benefits of a serviced apartment:

  • Space

Regular accommodation providers are smaller compared to a serviced apartment. A typical one-bedroom service apartment is around twice the size of the average hotel room. In case you are traveling with family or a group of friends, this is exactly what you need. Everyone gets to have their own space and privacy so there is harmony. Even on a solo getaway, you are guaranteed a comfortable stay in a spacious apartment with modern amenities.

  • Kitchen Facilities

When on a long holiday or business trip, sometimes all you want is a simple, home-cooked meal rather than a dish of fancy food. This is one of the key strengths of serviced apartments – they come with fully-equipped kitchens allowing guests to prepare their meals of choice. This is a highly convenient eating option that can save money on dining out while giving guests the luxury of choosing exactly what they want to eat and when to eat.

  • Laundry Areas

Washing machines and tumble dryers are common in serviced apartments. They allow guests to do their laundry at their convenience and when necessary. This is particularly beneficial for those on longer stays and can help save money on expensive dry cleaning.

  • Cost effective

The rental price for serviced apartments is lower on average than a corporate rate for a hotel. Saving money also comes in because there are no restaurant bills, bat tabs, or room service charges. Guests get to come with their foodstuffs enabling them to save a lot of money eating in rather than eating out.

  • Privacy

Serviced apartments generally offer a greater degree of privacy. They allow you to bypass the formalities and, in many cases, you simply can let yourself in and make yourself at home! A reduced maid service means your apartment can be kept clean but you can retain privacy without constant interruptions.

  • Flexibility

In a serviced apartment, you are in control of your time; you can eat whenever you want, whatever you want and you can have it any time you want. You can also come and go as you wish. Everything is per your schedule.

  • Local Experience

Serviced apartments allow guests the time to immerse themselves in local life and the nearby neighbourhood, this is especially useful when guests are staying in the area for extended periods. While hotels can often seem impersonal, serviced apartments provide a richer cultural experience compared with the standardized environment in most hotels.


Staying short-term or for an extended period? Serviced apartments can cater to unique traveler profiles by offering an innovative alternative to traditional hotels and rental properties. As travelers increasingly seek accommodations that blend convenience, comfort, and flexibility, serviced apartments are here to stay.

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