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5 Kenyan Lodges & Hotels Where Wild Animals Roam Free

During a usual safari experience, you get to see wild animals basking in the sun or trying to get by in the animal food chain. However, some lodges and hotels bring the safari right to your room where you get to watch elegant giraffes gallop or a herd of elephants walking by from the comfort of your room! Here are 5 Kenyan lodges and hotels where you can view wild animals without leaving your lodge or hotel.

1. Giraffe Manor

Nairobi County

Located in the heart of Karen is Giraffe Manor, a well known global destination where influential figures visit so as to dine with the giraffes that stretch their long flexible necks through the French windows to your table. Built in 1932, Giraffe manor has served as a giraffe sanctuary since the 1970s. It Houses six bedrooms where all hotel profits go to support the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife.

2. Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge

Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Taita Taveta County

Located in the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary overlooking the vast Tsavo plains, the Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge is a sight to behold. Its architectural design makes it one of the World’s Most Photographed Lodges. Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge is a luxurious safari escape where guests can spots wildlife from the comfort of their rooms, a favourite amongst travellers.

3. Governors’ Camp

Masai Mara National Reserve, Narok County

Governors’ Camp nestles right in the action of the annual Wildebeest Migration and along the banks of the Mara River where it is always teeming with wildlife, from hippos, crocodiles and birdlife. The setting is so magical that almost a century ago it was reserved exclusively for Kenya’s colonial Governors hence the name, Governors’ Camp. The camp is also well known for its hot-air balloon safaris, offering you the opportunity to experience the Kenyan landscape from above.

4. Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Laikipia County

Set on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro river, a vital waterway of The Ol Pejeta Conservancy, the camp offers magnificent views of Mount Kenya where wild animals often wander from one campsite to the other and also to your doorstep. The conservancy boasts one of the greatest game-to-area ratios of any reserve in Kenya, housing over 200 migrant and resident bird species and is also home to the last two remaining Northern White Rhinos in the world. Plan a serene visit to Ol Pejeta Bush Camp and get to live amongst the wild animals.

5. Segera Retreat

Laikipia County

Nestled between the glorious Mount Kenya to the East and the Great Rift Valley to the west, Segera is a treasured haven for Kenya’s most celebrated wildlife species. But what makes it stand out is when a tower of elegant giraffe lope across the plains, just in front of your private veranda, or you catch sight of an elephant grazing peacefully from the depths of the swimming pool. Segera’s golden savannah plains, rocky waterfalls and tropical botanical gardens offer a peerless and exquisite venue for the perfect romantic escape or family holiday.

Source | Nomad Magazine

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