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Family Vacation? Here are 4 reasons why serviced apartments are perfect for you!

Are you planning for a perfect family getaway? The location of your getaway is one of if not the most critical factors. Chances are, the place you’re thinking of staying in is a resort, because of the security they offer. If you have kids, you are also relieved because they won’t be a nuisance to the neighbors.

In choosing a resort, however, it can only do so much in entertaining everyone. What you want is a place that you can enjoy the comforts of home while being able to look after your children. The place you should be looking for is a luxurious, serviced apartment. This type of residence is an excellent alternative that has many things to offer. Here are the four reasons why a serviced apartment is the perfect home for your next family getaway:


1  Space for Relaxation

Do you want to enjoy a home-like atmosphere in an apartment? With two or three-bedroom apartments, you can easily enjoy the comforts of a home that fits everyone! Enjoy picking out the best apartments for your family with the layout that suits you.

With an apartment, you won’t be crammed into a small room as you would in a hotel, or be separated altogether. When choosing a serviced apartment, you have the freedom to look for ones that offer a living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and many other aspects. Everyone gets space for themselves to relax. This is an excellent choice for any family who wants to visit the city and still be together.

Serviced Apartments Nairobi

2  A Kitchen

Half the struggle of traveling with your family is making sure everyone is well-fed. Having a kitchen allows you to purchase groceries at the local supermarket to cook your meals. Not only does this allow everyone to enjoy good food, but it will also help you save money from ordering takeaways! Also, if you or any of your family members have food allergies, it is easier to cater to their needs. You can even cook up your favorites, pack it up, and bring it along while you’re out traveling.

Serviced Apartments Nairobi

3 The Little Comforts

The truth is, as parents, you may want to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while your kids go out exploring. Keeping everyone happy can be a real struggle. While hotels cater to these specific comforts, it doesn’t feel like home. With a serviced apartment, you can have your homely comforts together with holiday activities.


4 Hotel Perks

Although hotels offer a luxurious environment, serviced apartments now offer the same! Serviced apartments provide swimming pools, reception, and many other things that hotels offer, so you’ll not lose that feeling of luxury. Plus, these apartments are located in excellent places surrounded by necessities, such as a bar, restaurant, and many more.

You can now close that hotel search tab and instead search for a serviced apartment. It is the best option you can have for your family vacation. With the many benefits you can get, your holiday experience will get better. Make sure the serviced apartment you choose has what you need.

Serviced Apartments Nairobi


If you’re looking for a Nairobi serviced apartment in the city center where you can spend time with your family, get in touch today and book your stay! We provide a central location in the heart of Nairobi.



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