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How to Plan the Perfect Staycation

Staycations are increasingly an option that a lot of travelers opt for. What does it mean? A staycation is a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, involving day trips to local attractions.

Staycations are great because you don’t have to worry about packing too much or travel expenses. They’re a great way to save money, enjoy your time off from work, and avoid the inevitable stress that goes along with travel.

How do you plan the perfect staycation? Find out below.

1. Budget

What are you willing to spend on this staycation? This is obviously your choice. Staycations are mostly cheaper than international travel, but can be costly depending on where you go. Therefore, it is worth mapping out a budget and perhaps, thinking to share cost with a friend.

2. Itinerary

Just like you would with any form of travel, you need an itinerary for the perfect staycation. Use Google, Instagram, Pinterest and travel blogs for this. You would be so surprised to find a whole world of travelers who stick to travelling nationally. If in doubt or not entirely sold on a location, reach out to someone who has been. This will help you map out your itinerary more confidently.

3. Disconnect

In considering how to plan the perfect staycation, you have to disconnect. Keep your phones and laptops at home. Take a book to read, go out, explore and try not to stay glued to social media. People think staycations are just an extension of your life at home. Unless that is the plan for the staycation, make sure to get as much rest as possible.

4. Photography

As you would on any holiday, photographs are a must. You need these for memories so when planning the perfect staycation, factor this in. Nairobi has a beautiful scenery. The deeper you explore, the more beauty you will come in contact with. So prepare to snap, snap and snap away!

5. Leisure

In need of total relaxation? Perhaps a massage? A facial? A spa afternoon? A staycation is the perfect excuse to treat yourself. That excitement that comes with booking something cute or a little pamper is unbeatable! Add an additional touch to a regular staycation by making arrangements with your accommodation provider for a little pampering.

6. Adventure

When thinking of how to plan your perfect staycation, schedule a guided tour. This is usually a way to connect with locals. If it is a guided tour of Nairobi, you are sure to learn more about this thrilling city.

You could also consider crossing something off your bucket list and trying something you have never done. Why not? You are on holiday after all!

7. Dining/Food

You are in a different city or at least away from home for the night, what do you do to make it just a little bit more special? Book a fancy restaurant for the final night. Just like a spa pamper session, it adds a special oomph and closes out the staycation fancily.

Staycations allow you to appreciate where you live just a little bit more. Over the course of everyday life, you may not get to check out local museums, shops, parks, or other attractions that you consider to (ironically) be for tourists. Be a tourist in your own town and see what’s around you to discover!

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