Inroom Guest Information

16 Nov


We are pleased to welcome you to Norfolk Towers Furnished and Serviced Apartments.

To make your stay with us comfortable and safe as possible, we would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to read the following information.

If you require assistance, please dial “300” to contact the front desk

There will always be a staff member at the front desk. In an emergency, please call them using the telephone or find them at the reception which is located Ground Floor Block D

We are a vibrant team at Norfolk Towers working hard to make sure your stay as enjoyable as possible.

We pride ourselves in our reputation and therefore would appreciate a comment via our guest feedback from before you depart. These are located at the front office.

Alternatively, you can find us on Trip Advisor and we would be grateful for your reviews and comments.

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We hope that you enjoy your stay with us and if you need anything at all- just ask!

We wish you a pleasant stay.                  





Norfolk Towers Furnished and Serviced Apartments

Harry Thuku Rd

Tel: +254 722205869, +254(20)2220032, +254(02)2221601



Norfolk Towers Furnished and Serviced Apartments features 70 comfortably furnished units configured as 3bedrooms duplex, 2 bedrooms, 1 bedroom and studio. All our apartments come fitted with kitchen equipment, cutlery and cookery.  And for your convenience, comfort and luxury complete with complimentary in-room Wi-Fi access, private balconied, telephone extension and 32” LCD with sport, news and select entertainment channels. 


There is a great selection of visitor attractions within Nairobi and its environs. With the hotel as a base, there is ample opportunity to experience the authentic Nairobi with an abundance of activities to indulge in, from the exciting nightlife, history, culture, restaurants and cafes, and even possibly a safari adventure! The shopaholic will not be short of destinations given the City’s many speciality shops/shopping malls. For further information, please contact the front desk. Some favorites include;  the Nairobi National Museum, the Nairobi Snake Park, the  Nairobi Gallery, the Karen Blixen Museum, the Kenya National Archives, the August 7th memorial Park and the Nairobi National Park(the world’s only game reserve found within a major city).



There are several banks within easy reach from the Apartments – please enquire at the front desk.


Although we do not have a bar within the premises, and should you be in an adventures mode please seek some options from the front desk, the team will be more than happy to provide options for your leisure.


If you wish to make a reservation with us, please send us an e-mail on or call +254 722205869/ +254(20)2220032





Check-in from 12.00pm

Check-out no later than 10.00am

For late check-out – please contact the Front Desk or sales associate.


We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard.


We have a Boardroom that can host 10 people and a meeting room with a 20 people capacity.



We have a common laundry area in Block D, D62, kindly pick the key at the reception. For further laundry services you can request at the reception at your own cost.



If you require any of the Emergency Services (Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance) call 999 or 112. If in the hotel, please call the Front Desk by dialing “300”


Our business decisions are guided by our awareness and commitment to improving environmental practice. We strive to offer comfortable accommodation without effecting our surrounding environment and we aim to achieve this by understanding how we can exist with our environment rather than working against it.


We are not licensed to trade in foreign currency exchange. For information on the nearest forex bureau, please contact the Front Desk.



UPON ARRIVAL: Please familiarize yourself with your means of escape by examining the location of emergency exists. Locate the fire alarm in the hallway and notice that it is activated by breaking the glass and pressing the button. Remember that the Front Desk can be contacted by phone, by dialing ‘300’

INCASE OF FIRE: In the event of the fire alarm sounding please evacuate the building as quickly and calmly as possible to the assembly point which is located at the car park. Please close the doors behind you. Do not stop to pick up belongings. Do not re-enter the building until authorized to do so. A roll call of all residents will be taken. If in the room: Do not stand if the room is full of smoke – remember that smoke and gases rise. Do not open the door if it is hot or smoke comes out from under the door. If not, open the door and proceed to the nearest exit. Never use the lifts. When you go to the nearest fire exit, please close the fire door behind you.

IN THE EVENT OF FINDING A FIRE: If the alarm has not already been activated, break the glass on one of the fire alarm call points. Dial 999 or 112 from any telephone and ask for the Fire Brigade.

If you have any hearing or sight problems, mobility difficulties or issues which may make it difficult to evacuate the building in the event of an emergency, please notify us upon arrival so that we can assist you.

The hotel is equipped with fire hoses in the corridor and warning systems.


A first aid kit is available at the Front Desk in case of minor injuries.



The nearest hospitals are: Aga Khan University Hospital, M.P. Shah Hospital, and Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital.


We change beddings every two days whilst staying with us. Please help us maintain our commitment to be environmentally friendly by preventing the unnecessary washing of towels by using the following systems… If you leave your towels on the floor, we will gladly change them…If you leave your towels on the rail, you are happy to re-use them. We will make up your bed and clean the bathroom every day, usually between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm. If you would prefer us not to clean your room or would like some peace and quiet, please hang the DND sign outside your door.



There is complimentary WIFI throughout the hotel. For information on Wi-Fi connectivity, please contact the Front Desk.


This is available in the apartments.



If you need to have your luggage stored, you can do so by asking personnel at the Front Desk.



Parking is available at the ground floor. Note that vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk


We accept the following modes of payment: Cash, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard), and M-Pesa. For more information, kindly contact the Front Desk.



The Front Desk is open 24 hours a day. To call the Front Desk from the room, please dial ‘300’


Unfortunately we do not host a restaurant on premises please contact the front desk for Options both Dine In and Take out.


We kindly ask that you return your room key at the front desk every time you leave the hotel. Note that there can only be one key per room – it is unfortunately not possible to make more than one.



We have taken adequate measures to ensure the security of all our guest is guaranteed by having a capable security team on the ground. Our property is also under 24- Hour CCTV surveillance to ensure enhanced safety.



The hotel has direct connection to a taxi company. Please contact the Front Desk for prices


All rooms have a phone. In order to contact the Front Desk, dial 300 In order to call another room, just dial the room number.


Front Desk             300

Security Desk         320

Housekeeping        384



Please contact the Front Desk if you need a wake-up call in the morning.