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Must-see Places in Nairobi When You Stay with Us

Nairobi is Kenya’s beating heart, an exciting, frenetic concrete jungle that counterpoints the untrammeled natural beauty to be found elsewhere in the country.

If you’re interested in learning about Kenya’s culture and history, the city is home to a number of great stops including the extensive National Museum, and it’s also a great jumping off point for diving into the country’s varied culinary traditions. Nairobi also harbors a thrumming nightlife scene and an established cafe culture.

And, believe it or not, the city has its own wildlife attractions, with a fabulous national park on its doorstep and several reserves dedicated to the wellbeing of elephants, giraffes, rhinos and more.

Here are some places to start:

Nairobi National Museum

The Nairobi National Museum is the flagship brand for the National Museums of Kenya. Located on Museum Hill, the museum showcases Kenya’s rich Heritage with four distinct themes representing Kenya’s Culture, Nature, History and Contemporary Art.

Other attractions within the compound include the Snake Park and Botanical Gardens as well as a State of the Art Auditorium that occasionally hosts concerts, film shows and other events. Dining and shopping facilities await you after your tour in the commercial wing.

Nairobi Snake Park

The Nairobi Snake Park is just 300 Metres from Norfolk Towers Serviced Apartments.

It shares the same compound with the Nairobi National Museum, at the headquarters of National Museums of Kenya. The park is accessible by both public and private transport and attracts interest from researchers, conservationists, educators and the general public.

The Nairobi Snake Park was started in January, 1961 to meet a popular attraction and to provide a research facility on reptiles and for breeding of snakes.

Visitors are able to take part in public programs like octopus exhibition, interactive sessions with harmless reptiles and amphibians, exhibition on the birds of the Snake Park and feeding of crocodiles with live fish.

The exhibits include Invertebrates like Giant Snails, Baboon Spider ,Mombasa Train Millipede, Crayfish, Freshwater Prawns and vertebrates like Fishes both Marine and Fresh water, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals.

This is a nice getaway idea for our guests as you get to explore the nearby city’s landmarks without any hassle.

Nairobi Botanical Gardens

This is a strip of green space located inside the Nairobi National Museum.

It was created to showcase the diversity of Kenya’s vegetation. There are thematic displays highlighting different classes of plants found throughout Kenya.

There is a nature trail that leads you to beautiful gardens, framed by intriguing African sculptures.

It is divided into sections namely; medicine shield garden, river shrine, peace path, river of stones, unity place and dream corner.

This is the perfect place for a sunny day out. Stroll through the beautiful gardens, marveling at nature, breath fresh air, learn about Kenya’s vegetation and bond with your companion.

 Kenya National Theatre      

The Kenya National Theatre (KNT) is the largest proscenium theatre space in Kenya. It is a government agency under the ministry of state for National Heritage and Culture in Kenya. It is based in the capital city Nairobi, bordering the historical landmarks Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), the University of Nairobi (UON), the Longonot Place Serviced Apartments, and the Norfolk Towers Serviced Apartments.

KNT offers space for diverse rehearsal, production and staging of drama, live musical concerts, plays and dance, to both local and international clientele.

It is a national pride and treasure whose state of the art facilities include; a 345 seater modern auditorium, a 9 by 10 Ms proscenium performance stage, 4 fully equipped performer’s backstage changing rooms, a wardrobe room, modern dance studio, 3 rehearsal spaces, 2 seminar rooms, double shower rooms and 2 kitchenettes.

For lovers of theatre, staying with us you get to visit the facility which is a stone throw away. One of the many amenities that are in close proximity to our fine and strategically located apartments.

Hon. Michuki Memorial Conservation Park

The park, formerly known as Mazingira Park, was established in 2008 to create a public recreation area at an area that was previously a dumpsite and a criminal hideout. It is situated along the Nairobi River between the Globe Roundabout and the Museum Hill interchange.

In 2012, it was renamed after the late environment minister Hon John Michuki, who pioneered reclaiming the park and cleaning up the Nairobi River.

In July 2020, the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Hon Keriako Tobiko took up the challenge of rehabilitating the park after its management was handed over to the Kenya Forest Service.

It was a project that involved several agencies; the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage, Nairobi Metropolitan Service, the National Youth Service, Kenya Seed Company, among other private and public partners.

The park was officially opened in August by the president. It is a few metres away from our facility, and it is one of the many green spaces and recreational areas that our guests can enjoy within the city.

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