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The best neighborhoods in Nairobi for Expats

There are many welcoming neighborhoods in Nairobi where foreigners can settle down. Newcomers should become acquainted with the various neighborhoods and suburbs of the city in terms of housing, healthcare, transportation, and proximity to places of employment and educational institutions. Nairobi has neighborhoods that are better suited to different types of residents:
single foreigners, families, and even a combination of both.
Consider the following areas:


The Parklands neighborhood is located just to the north of Nairobi’s central
business district. Many young expats and students find an apartment to call home because it is conveniently located near Nairobi’s amenities. Parklands is home to some of Nairobi’s top hospitals, and the Karura Forest, which it borders, offers hiking trails and relaxing picnic spots.


Westlands is a convenient area for young working professionals looking to live close to their place of employment because it is close to Nairobi’s city center and a part of Parklands. There are numerous stores, eateries, nightclubs, and bars in the area to keep tourists entertained. In contrast to the rest of Westlands, which favors apartment buildings, Spring Valley is the more tranquil area of Westlands, where bungalows and big detached houses are the norms. Some of the local housing is gated, and security personnel monitor entryways.

Kilimani and Hurlingham

In Kilimani and Hurlingham, there are numerous high-rise apartment buildings, many of which have swimming pools and round-the-clock security. The better complexes have extra amenities like health clubs, gyms, and saunas. The region is also home to a number of international schools and a wide range of entertainment venues, including shopping centers, movie theaters, dining establishments, and even a casino. In Hurlingham, freestanding townhouses are popular, while gated estates and both furnished and unfurnished apartments are available for rent and sale in Kilimani.

Lavington and Kileleshwa

Families with children frequently reside in bungalows with lush gardens or
contemporary apartments in Lavington and Kileleshwa. This region is home to numerous embassies in addition to private educational institutions like Nairobi International School. In addition to being close to some of Nairobi’s best museums and galleries, these areas provide a more cosmopolitan lifestyle. Additionally, they are close to the city’s core.


The residential neighborhood of Lang’ata is located to the southwest of Nairobi’s downtown (or Langata). Both wealthy locals and middle-class expats prefer Lang’ata’s estates, which are gated, secure compounds with maisonettes and apartment buildings. Lang’ata life meets a variety of needs. Both young and old newcomers can enjoy the touristy atmosphere, and nearby attractions like Nairobi National Park, the Giraffe Centre, the Bomas of Kenya, and Uhuru Gardens, as well as live music at The Carnivore Grounds, can be highly recommended. The accessibility of private schools will also be appreciated by parents of expats.

Karen is a posh and exclusive neighborhood in Nairobi. Rich foreigners can choose from a wide selection of upscale homes in Karen, including roomy townhouses with sizable gardens. The area is well known for its many private schools and kindergartens, as well as Karen’s golf course. In addition, Karen provides a variety of fine dining establishments and contemporary shopping centers.

North of the city center, Runda is a self-contained area encircled by forests. Employees of these organizations will find it convenient to live here because of its proximity to the US Embassy and the UN complex. Large, contemporary homes on sizable lots typically serve as the primary form of lodging in these areas. Because there are numerous kindergartens and primary and secondary international schools
nearby, Runda is well-liked by expats with children. Additionally, both public and
private transportation can get you to the area.


Given that it is the residence of some of the wealthiest Kenyans and wealthy foreigners, Muthaiga is frequently referred to as the “Beverly Hills of Nairobi.” In Muthaiga, the majority of residences are gated, safe, and guarded round-the-clock. Parents who have kids appreciate being close to several top international schools.
The country clubs in the area offer excellent sporting and recreational opportunities for expats in Muthaiga. Nairobi neighborhoods for young professionals

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