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Why Taking a Break This Easter Is Good for Your Career

If you’re in your first job with a new employer, or you’re keen to make a good impression, it can be tempting to avoid taking extended periods off work. Even when you’d love to take a holiday, sometimes an unmanageable workload or an unexpected batch of new work can mean that you simply don’t have time to jet off on vacation.
However, forgoing your holiday time can actually be damaging to your career in the long term. The mounting stress, the lack of ability to concentrate, and in extreme cases the depression that can set in – it can all damage your health as well as your ability to perform well in the workplace.
Everyone can benefit from taking some time off to refresh, relax and reflect. Here are just some of the reasons why you should take a break once in a while – and why doing so can help your career.
•Boosts productivity
Companies offer paid holidays for a reason. Evidence shows that we become less productive without proper breaks. Even if people work longer hours, they’re not as creative and can’t maintain the same level of intensity. In short, if you don’t take time off your work rate will suffer. While you might think your dedication to work will impress the boss, in the long run your boss is more likely to notice your slowly declining work rate.
•Great for your Mental Health
Forget your boss and your career for a second and think about you. Stress levels at work can have genuinely negative effects on our health, and these stress levels can increase if we don’t take some time off to unwind. If you’re tempted to skip your holiday because you think it will help your career, think about how damaging to your career a serious health scare could be.
•Don’t rely on your boss
You need to take responsibility for your own health and your own breaks, especially if you’re part of a large team. Good bosses and managers recognize when an employee needs a rest, but no one knows how you’re feeling better than you
•New experiences
A break is a chance to escape your regular routine and try out something completely new. Whether it’s learning a little of a new language to visit a foreign country, trying out a new activity like sailing, fishing, water-skiing or mountain climbing, a new experience will refresh you – and could open up new career opportunities for you in the future.
•Get closer to your loved ones
If you have a partner or children it’s important not to neglect them in favour of work. Taking some time out will help you all to grow closer and create lasting memories together. And spending more time with people you really love will help you relax and increase your levels of happiness and wellbeing.
•Give back
A holiday can be even more rewarding when it’s used to volunteer to make a difference. Taking part in charity work at home or abroad can help you to meet new people, find new levels of empathy, learn new skills – and you’ll be helping others.

So you want to take a break this Easter? What’s the best way to ask for time off? Here are some tips for you:
•Plan ahead and communicate with your boss so you can choose a time that suits both of you
•Avoid last-minute requests for time off so your boss has plenty of time to prepare for you being absent
•Learn to recognize busy and quiet periods of work within your company
•Help your boss and team figure out how your absence will be covered so that the work gets done.
When did you last take a holiday from work? Now might be a great time. Relax and unwind at our apartments this Easter weekend. The prime location of Norfolk Towers Serviced Apartments in the heart of Nairobi’s central business district allows for easy access to business and entertainment venues in the city.

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